Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recipe of the Week: Healthy and Hearty Cobb Salad!

My Healthy and Hearty Version of Cobb Salad-
with Homemade Greek Yogurt Dressing

Guys! I am sitting here stuffed (off of a salad) as I write this. This is one of my favorite salad combinations in addition to the one I posted last week. It is chock full of healthy fats (avocado- I usually only use half of one in this salad), protein (chicken thigh, low-fat cheese, greek yogurt, and hard-boiled egg), and carbs (carrots, spring mix, and cherry tomatoes). I piled all these ingredients up into a large bowl and savored every bite I could. This power combo was so satisfying that I acutally couldn't finish the whole thing! Very filling- but not in a "I'm so stuffed, I feel gross kind of way."

Last year, while living in Los Angeles, I took a cooking class on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution campaign trucks and one of the things we learned to make was a homemade greek yogurt salad dressing. The original recipe called for anchovies and garlic, but I decided to pass on those and the dressing was still equally delicious! 

Serve this up with your favorite side of bread (or not) and Bon Appetit! 

xoxo Mary

For more info about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and what he is trying to do click -----> here.

He is a major advocate for more cooking at home, freshly cooked meals at schools, cooking in the community, and much more. He's received a lot of resistance, but he's still going strong and he recently visited Sacramento this past January.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fashion| Fave Lipstick of the Moment

Rimmel Red

Lasting Finish Lipstick- Kate Moss Collection #11

My absolute favorite lipstick right now. I wear this color pretty much everyday and you've likely seen it featured in my recent fashion posts. Thanks to my mama for this awesome find. Her trash was my treasure. She came in to my room one night and had this look of dissatisfaction on her face. She handed it to me and said, "I think this is your color- since you seem to like all those bright reds..." (I think she's still getting used to seeing me wearing such a bright color on the regular as she has more of a "conservative" taste when it comes to makeup, ha). But she was right! She may not have been a fan of my newfound obsession over these colors but I think it's slowly starting to grow on her   ;)

I love this particular product because it truly is long lasting, and has a bit of both a matte and shiny look to it all at the same time which provides a really moisturizing feel that will last all day. There is nothing worse than a dry, cakey, and cracked-lip-giving lipstick.

xoxo, Mary

***Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for the promotion of the product mentioned in this post.