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Friday, September 8, 2017

Wardrobe Basics Part 1: Fall Fashion Transition

 Hello and welcome back to my blog!

The Statement Bottoms

I want to admit that the category of fashion in the blog and social media sphere has been intimidating to me for quite some time. The reason being that since I've become a mom- and a self-employed mom at that- my wardrobe and clothing budget has been slim. Transitioning to motherhood, the changes my body went through, and the low energy levels I experienced navigating the 9-5 work life was extremely overwhelming to me. I think a lot of moms can relate to the feeling of "losing yourself". I went through a really dark time. And I think we as humans in general go through seasons of lows whether it be financially, emotionally, relationally, professionally, etc. that affect our outward appearance. Men and women alike!

I want to break the mold here a bit. I honestly have been living in these staple items. All. Season. Long. Why would I want to highlight to the world that I can't afford clothes and show one of the few outfits I know I feel good in so it can be recognized over and over again when people see me? There is this desire that I believe a lot of us have in not wanting to be seen in the same outfits many times over in one season. I love seeing some of my favorite bloggers release their latest hauls of accessories, sweaters, jackets, shoes, products, perfume- you name it. But it's more of just eye candy for me most of the time.

Consume, consume, consume. It's fun and we get to enjoy new things. But what do you do when that lifestyle doesn't match your reality? I've learned to be okay with living minimally. Now I didn't have too many clothes that fit my body well after having a baby. Things have moved around! And because my budget has been limited, I waited about eight months, cleared out my closet only keeping a select few basic items that I felt comfortable with, re-wore those items over and over, and saved up some money over that time until I had enough to bring some new items in. Rather than buying random clothes that although look good, many times they don't really go well with any basic items in my closet, I chose a few good quality statement pieces that I could build some of my wardrobe basics (tanks tops, sweaters, etc.) around. A statement item for me usually means it has some special flare, hardware or color pop to it.

My basics are versatile and items that I can wear across multiple seasons of the year. This maximizes the value of my closet. Here in Sacramento it is still 90 degrees Fahrenheit most days, but it can be quite chilly in the evenings as Fall approaches. So I'm pulling items that allow air flow yet still can be manipulated to provide coverage and warmth when needed- like this sweater. With this outfit, I am highlighting one of my statement pieces- the shorts! And these shorts have not failed to impress. I fit an above average, tall inseam (long legs- short torso) and these H&M shorts still provide great high-waisted tummy panels and go down long enough to provide really nice upper leg coverage. This is hard to find for us tall girls!

Next, I looked for other items I could dress around this statement piece. I only carry a handful of clothes and shoes in my wardrobe. What I've learned to do is rotate those items to create endless possibilities and combinations. Switch out the sweater here, try a different pair of shoes, or perhaps an alternative tank top color. We really don't need a lot of clothes when we handpick just a few special items that fit us really well for the stage our bodies are in at the current moment. Rock what you have! Over and over again! My mental energy has been so freed up by being okay with having less. I hope you are feeling encouraged knowing less truly is more too. If there is anything in your closet that doesn't make you feel confident and does not fit you right and comfortably, donate it and start from scratch. I did the same a few months ago and while I panicked on the inside (closet hoarder), I was so liberated afterward.

What are some of your favorite wardrobe basics items you are wearing to help transition from Summer to Fall?

*Shout out to my fantastic hubby for being the supportive photographer behind all my photos! Love him!

Wardrobe Items:
Sweater: H&M
Tank Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Sunglasses: Aldos
Sandals: Nine West



  1. I love a good white chollared shirt. I can pair it with anything year round. Timeless. Classic. And available just about anywhere.

    1. Hi Marcella! Thanks so much for reading! I have always admired the white collared shirt look. Absolutely versatile in any setting, time period and season. I haven't been able to master the look yet or find the right comfy fit, but I am still determined to not give up on it!


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