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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

High Waist Style without the High Price

High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted
Top: Forever21
Sweater: 2Bebe
Belt: NineWest (found at Ross!)
Sunglasses: Target
Bag: JustFab.com

Now, I'm not one to wear shorts very often, but when I do they have to be high-waisted and have at least 6 inches on the inseam. And I must say- it can be quite tricky finding shorts for these long legs of mine!


I can't. I just can't roll with the booty shorts, daisy duke, cheek-revealing trend. Not only because I think they leave very little to the imagination, but they also don't appear to even be all that comfortable to say the least. And that's just my personal style opinion.

Buuut, thrift stores have been great secret jackpots for finding high-waisted bottoms for affordable prices (I'm talking less than $10 here). While booty shorts are in, the "mom jeans" look also appears to be trending right now. This style isn't all that new to me though, as I've been rocking the high-waist, "mom-style" bottoms for some time now just 'cause I really can't hang with the low-rise crew. The constant feeling of having your pants slip off your bottom accompanied by the occasional "breeze" down the lower end of your backside was enough to make me go crazy. Over the years of experimenting with my style figuring out works and what doesn't work with my body type, high-waisted bottoms have been winners for me. And I've learned that your outward aura of style goes down the drain the minute you feel that discomfort with your outfit that causes you to be in a constant state of "pull-up, pull-down, twist-around" adjustments with your clothes. Not gonna lie though, these shorts did require some frequent re-adjusting as I have... well how do you say this... thighs! That rub! And the shorts, they just... bunch up when I walk. And it's quite annoying. I've come to the conclusion that shorts just do that. There's no avoiding it. So you won't see me wearing them often, but when I do, they'll be similar to the ones above :) 



  1. U look gorgeous, love ur bag :)

  2. i don't wear shorts because all you find around is the booty shorts......I hope to find one decent one soon....
    You look lovely:)

    1. Thank you :) Yes, definitely have to stay creative when it comes to shorts. I haven't completely given up on them yet! It's refreshing to hear that you also have similar preferences when it comes to the booty shorts ;) xx


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