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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spiritual Healing| Feelings

You know, sometimes life just doesn't go the way we hope. Sometimes it sucks and you feel completely out of control. And even when you think you're okay with not being in control, for some reason reality can still hit you pretty hard--and while it makes me sad and frustrated and disoriented-- it also has made me, in particular, pretty damn angry. So during this time when things don't completely make sense, and as I truly truly re-learn what it means to rest as a daughter of God, and be comforted by his Spirit, I also allow myself to be honest with... well, myself.

This quote comes from a great book I've been reading. Mars and Venus- Starting Over. Chock full of healing wisdom. Encouraging the reader to feel. Everything- even anger. An emotion many feel guilty or shame for feeling- especially women. Because it's not pretty. Or polite-appearing. Or "productive" some may say. It's an emotion easily pushed aside and overlooked- especially in the "Christian world," but so necessary in order to allow healing to come full circle and into completion. And even more unproductive if/when avoided. 

So as I process, I give myself permission to feel. Because the act of feeling reconnects us. 

xoxo Mary 


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