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Thursday, July 31, 2014

OOTD: Patterns and Crop Tops


Top: 2b Bebe
Skirt: 2b Bebe
Heels: Merona (target brand) 
Clutch: Asos

Guys, this whole crop top thing is still quite new to me. I've always teetered on the idea of whether I would like it, whether it would be flattering/appropriate, and whether I am okay with being hungry while wearing it. The first time I wore this outfit, was for a night out after dinner when visiting a friend in LA for her birthday. We had just finished stuffing ourselves at our favorite Brazilian restaurant and planned to do a wardrobe change before we went out for part 2 of the evening- dancing. As we're both in her apartment, keeling over a bit from being so full, I felt... the bulge as I slid on my outfit items. My hands cradled my tum which was so satisfied and full from the delicious food, but not ready to be exposed to the world. Soooo, crop top with stomach out was NOT an option that night. Just wasn't flattering for my body and/or shape. Instead I paired this same outfit with a wide waist belt and the look still turned out great- thank goodness my outfit was redeemed! The food was just too good to deny as I had been craving and dreaming about this restaurant ever since I moved away from the LA area.

Crop tops are in and trending. However, I usually try to stick with more classic monochromatic pieces that will transcend the trends. But I wanted to have a little fun and give this popular style a try. I've also been reflecting on what versions of "sexy" are "appropriate." Is wearing a crop top showing a strip of one's midsection dishonoring to one's body? Not always. Does it draw unfavorable and unwarranted attention? Probably. Does it cause men to "fall astray?" Maybe. Is it only socially acceptable for girls who have "no bulge" to wear them? Now that's a little touchy... How about skin tight mini skirts that hug every curve and indentation of one's lower half? The body is covered, but...
What I've come to acknowledge is that little voice I call instinct and intuition (or Holy Spirit for the spiritually aware), to check me. And you know when you're being checked. It's that feeling that prevents you from (or makes you think twice about) being able to walk boldly with your shoulders held high. Would I wear it again (with no waist belt to cover)? I didn't feel checked this time, buuuut I'm definitely still deciding. Location and occasion surely are a factor :)

xoxo Mary

***Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for the promotion of the products mentioned in this post. 



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