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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spiritual Healing -Transformation

Transformation Tuesday!
In the words of my mom: "WOW Mary, you have really come a loooong way." I didn't know to cry or rejoice? I kinda did both...

Wow, so not to be all sappy or anything, but I actually got a little teary-eyed putting these pictures together.
I was looking through an old yearbook, and my sister and I came across a picture that kind of took both of us by surprise. We showed my mom which is when she proceeded to make her comment mentioned above. We all laughed hysterically- my mom and her comments can be so out of pocket- she is never afraid to tell us the truth. But as we laughed away I think I felt a tear form in my eye. A tear drop filled with so many emotions. It was good for me to look back and see the transformation because it can be easy to forget and push to the back of your mind. I'm not talking about dwelling in the past, but more so about being extremely appreciative of where I am today. 

Many already know my story, but at the same time, many do not. My goal is to keep things transparent and real on this blog. I've gone through some big changes in my life over the years- shoot, even in just the past few months!  

Yes, I was in pretty bad shape (physically and likely spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) here. But I loved, and still do, serving the community. I can't quite remember how old I am in this picture- probably in my early teens serving at the local homeless shelter. So I'm sure you're already guessing that this whole story is about weight loss. And yeah I did lose some weight...

But I lost too much. I was down to the bones (literally) in this picture at the end of high school. Had a really unhealthy perspective on weight and being truly healthy. 

And then I gained some back. But I wore sweatpants ALL the time. To church, to the movies, to school, to volunteer. EVERYWHERE. 

So there's a lot to my story. And it's a lot to write in just one post. But if there is anything that I'd like for anyone to get out of reading this post is to know that my major transformation began from within- and it wasn't just about weight and appearance. Yeah yeah I know that sounds all nice and corny and everything. 

But I'm Serious. 

So stay tuned for more posts on life, transforming, being truly happy from within, forgetting imperfection, letting go of trying to perform for other people, spiritual authority, dreaming, love, having a healthy mind, healthy food, travel, fashion, and more!

xoxo Mary


  1. Oh wow, Mary you shared this story with me in person, but seeing the pictures and the words formulated together makes it that much more inspirational! YOU DID THIS! Your choosing to be open about it isn't easy but in doing so, you are motivating others - this is wonderful!

    Stylishsana of Mixupfixup.com

    1. Thanks so much for reading Sana! Yes, it definitely was not easy putting this on here and so many times I asked myself, "what the h*** did I just share"? I totally agree the pictures really do say a lot more than what words alone can- they even surprised me as I looked back at them again! I am so looking forward to hearing about and knowing how it has encouraged others :)


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