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Monday, January 6, 2014

Spiritual Healing- Vision Board

My Vision Board

So, I haven't really addressed the new year or properly given my celebratory salutations welcoming the start of 2014. I think it's because my New Year/fresh start kinda already started before 2014 officially arrived. So many things in my life have been in the works and in my mind these past few months leading up to 2014. I'm excited and a bit discombobulated all at the same time trying to organize all of these ideas and dreams I have. What I've been learning recently is that even though you go to school, get your degree, get a new car, and get a job, (imagine hearing you need to do this all your life from your Nigerian parents), you still have to keep dreaming even after you've reached a point that you feel you've worked all your life to achieve. My life took a really big turn a few months ago- dreams that I had set to go after were wiped away- some voluntarily and some involuntarily. But new ones have taken their place. Ones that I am so excited (and scared!) for. But there is something very thrilling in seeking the new and unknown.

There isn't really any one particular theme to my boards, but I think the diverse range of words on my boards sum up really well just a few of the many things running through my mind; many of which will be shared on here! 

It was so nice (and therapeutic) to spend some time with the ladies tonight at my church and delve into our creative sides. At the end of the night, my main conclusion was that...

I need a bigger board. 

I ran out of space and couldn't fit everything :(  What are your visions for your life? This year? The next few months? Years? I think it's great to have New Year resolutions, but I don't always mark the start of my changes and begin dreaming with the start of every new year. I just can't wait that long! 

xoxo Mary


  1. Yes, you need a bigger board! You for dreaming so big that your dreams are overflowing!

    1. Yes! dreaming like I never have before- and loving the overflow. Thank you for reading :)

  2. I've also been wanting to make one of these! I remember seeing that Jo-Issa had one and thinking, "I need to do this." A bunch of young women I respect create them. I'd love to hear more about why you put these different themes on the board. I'm sure that'll come in future posts...Could be a weekly series for January!

    1. Oh, that's right, she did have one up! It was definitely a good start to get the thoughts flowing. After finishing cutting and glueing onto the board I realized I had A LOT on my mind, which spoke to me and told me that I am going through a season of overflow. It would be great for me to meditate and reflect on each word/theme mentioned on the board so that I'm not just mindlessly going about my visions. I love the idea of making a series focusing on each one.


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