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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spiritual Healing- Declarations

My Daily Morning Declarations

Graduating after being a student for 16+ years of life and entering the workforce was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I knew there would be a struggle and an indefinite waiting period after graduation and finding a job, but there were so many other unexpected forces involved in this transitional life experience that definitely caught me off guard. I feel like there should be a list of things that recent graduates should be aware of and prepared to experience once completing their school work- for good. For one, there is the extreme fatigue that hits you like brick wall once the reality that you are truly done with school hits you. I was extremely fatigued after graduating. And this fatigue carried over even a few months after beginning my new job. It makes sense really, when you think about the amount of sacrifices that are made in order to survive the resistance that is faced in not just the baccalaureate, graduate, post graduate setting but in all the pre-college years as well. We pull all-nighters, suppress our immune systems, compromise our diets and exercise, and submit ourselves to the judgments, criticisms and grading scales of our superiors (and this is coming from a more from a mellow college student's perspective; i.e., wasn't really into the party scene where nights of drinking and moral compromise were used to cope with the stresses of school). 

Anyways, besides all of that, what I'm really saying is that school was hard. And I am tired. And starting a new job is not easy. And being in the REAL WORLD after being a sheltered student is not easy. You think you are on top of the world when you finish school. Like you could run things. But the truth is, yes you are great and all, but you still have sooo much more to learn. And I needed to equip myself with some confidence and truth if I was gonna be that bad a** graduate entering the real world. At work you have so many personalities and levels of hierarchy that can be tricky and at times frustrating to handle. Plus I work with pretty much all women and the people we serve are pretty much all women too. It can be difficult sometimes. These are the declarations I say over myself every morning to make sure I don't fall for any lies that try to enter my mind during the day, so that I don't respond to anyone out of low confidence, so I do not lose my patience, so I do not fall into an orphan mentality and forget that my Dad God has my back when I feel discouraged. 

I decided to stop asking God for what I already have and start declaring these things because there is power in the tongue!

Daily Declarations:

I declare that today is going to be a good, EXCELLENT day.

I break off all negativity in my heart and soul and I cancel all assignments of the enemy against my day and against my life. Holy Spirit I invite You into EVERY part of my day today. 

I declare Your discernment over my heart and the thoughts, words, and actions that follow after. 

I break off all spirits of inferiority that tell me that I am not good enough and I honor the leadership that You have placed over me.

I declare your covering, purpose and confidence over myself and know that, God, you have placed me here to succeed and to also learn.

I welcome creativity and learning. 

I invite correction so that I can grow and become even better- as I know you have a very serious and exciting assignment for me in your Kingdom. 

I speak peace over all of my interactions and declare VICTORY over every situation and encounter with the people and circumstances that I come across today.

Most of all: I declare that You are good, God. And always are. I thank you for the authority to declare all of these things in Jesus' name. Amen!

What a beautiful day I have when I begin by declaring my authority over my days. The day isn't without challenges, but I feel like I'm not second-guessing myself all day long when I step into and under God's covering. We all have the same access to this authority, just have to claim it and use it.

"Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit- you choose." Proverbs 18: 21 MSG
"They were amazed at his teaching, because his words had authority." Luke 4: 32 NIV

xoxo Mary



  1. This was a wonderful read. I could relate to every point addressed! Although after undergrad I went straight into the workforce, I get your sentiment, and, for me, I was glad I experienced this reality sooner! Work politics is a complex matter, I always feel pressure like I have never felt - even in a school setting. Pressure to seem "okay" to hang out at Happy Hour after work when I can care less, to impress the superiors, put up a "face" because honest to God when your asked at work "How are you" no one cares and it's not the place to keep it real anyhow. You just give your same generic answer and we all pretend the answers are honest ... it's all complex as I have stated prior. I love that you titled this post "Declarations". I do the same exact thing but I call it " affirmations" - awesome!

    Stylishsana of Mixupfixup.com

    1. So glad you can relate! Yes, affirmations are what I call them as well! So powerful. I have to use sharp discernment in handling the work-life balance. I can totally relate to the happy hour pressures too from my last job/program. We all know we see each other more than we see our own families and I guess we're just trying to make life easier for ourselves by getting along and hanging out on occasion. And it does cause for reason to question if it is organic, or just an excuse to socially drink, or more so of a surrendering to the fact that "these people" will be ones who you spend most of your waking life with and should hang out with them and "make the best of it" to ease the pain of that surrender. It's truly a blessing when you can consider your coworkers like family- which is how my current work environment is- but then that also comes with all of the family feuds... Either way, I've learned that some personal boundaries must be set and affirmations must be said- daily! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. It's so nice to be able to hear other people's experiences and input.
      p.s. love your blog! Am a new follower now

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  3. True, great point about seeing them as family being that we spend most of our time at work with them. Glad you have that environment at your current job, that's wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the support :-)

    Stylishsana of Mixupfixup.com


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