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Thursday, November 7, 2019

30th Birthday

This is 30!
I haven't published a new post here in nearly over a year! Life with 2 toddlers has kept my body and my brain capacity maxed out. While this space is ever evolving, what I love most is that I can always come back and revisit my journey and the different seasons and headspaces I was in as I click through the pages over the years. I'm still here and my mind is still spinning wheels. I hope to grow my capacity to let it spill out here from time to time and more regularly as the kiddos grow more independent. In the meantime, this is me! Thirty years old and being challenged and sharpened in ways that sometimes only time can unravel. Well- and some prayer and intentionality around how and where I spend my time. It's a new decade and the resonating theme is ...



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