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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mommy-and-Me Date Ideas- A Trip to Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum!

Being a work-from-home mom, it can be easy to overlook the need for some intentional mommy-and-me dates and outings. I mean, we already spend so much time together! But planning special outings that are outside of our usual routine add some color and variety to our time together. It also reminds me of why I chose and fought for the opportunity to work from home: to make memories, foster early learning, participate in bonding and just have more fun!

This past week we ventured to Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum. It is only a few blocks away from us living in Midtown which helped make timing our visit less overwhelming. Museums like the Crocker Art Museum may seem too advanced or irrelevant for a near 2 year old, but I was so impressed to see that there were special children's' areas with some creative activities. And aside from the children's spaces, Chaya also enjoyed walking around, mesmerized with each room and space providing many different shades of lighting and colors. A perfect recipe for a nap to come soon after!

Our main event for this visit was to attend the children's story time and tour. There was plenty of variety of walking, sensory play, reading and problem solving. A few of the questions asked were indeed too advanced for Chaya, but toddlers are such sponges and she fed off of the intellect of the older children in the group.

Overall, it was a wonderful time! Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum has made their venue so inclusive for all ages. And as a parent, I am always reminded that it can also do us adults some good enjoying being a kid again too. Some basic tips I followed which helped make our Mommy-and-Me visit to the museum just that much smoother:

1) Check calendar of events prior to visit

2) Be ready for lots of walking (bring water and snacks!)

3) Plan to visit a few hours before nap time

4) Keep an open, go-with the flow mind



  1. Chaya is looking so cute there! (Plus you're helping her stimulate her mind, so she'll have beauty AND brains!)

  2. Aw, thank you so much, Kyla!! And yes! That is my exact goal ;)



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