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Monday, November 6, 2017

Simple Date Night Wear- Carmel and Wine

Today's post is a fun and light post of a few shots Zach (husband) took of me before our date night a few Fridays ago. It was a battle as we were quickly losing sunlight. But a fun challenge nonetheless enjoying some quality time and taking some time to get dressed, put some makeup on and enjoy each others' company. There are also so many quaint and old Victorian homes in our neighborhood that are so picturesque. Many of them have been converted to popular small bed and breakfasts or wedding venues.

We were hoping for some appetizers and wine and made our way to the heart of the Downtown area which neighbors Midtown (where we live). We circled the block around some of the popular spots and found the crowds to be so thick. I could feel our limited time together slipping away with most of it being spent on stressing over finding a parking spot. It's exciting to see our Downtown bustling and growing, but we decided we'd rather spend time eating and talking and connecting. So we turned around, left the area and headed back to our neighborhood and enjoyed some Thai food right around the corner. And it was SO worth the change in plans. I was way too hungry anyways and happy to have a solid meal vs appetizers, I realized  :D

Chaya hung out with her Nana for the time-being and was fast asleep when we went to pick her up later that evening. It was a smooth transition from the car to bed-- and that is what I call a successful date night!

Items worn:
Dress: H&M
Coat: Boohoo
Shoes: Nine West

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  1. You had me at wine... and with your beauty. God, you are beautiful! It is so obvious on the images that they were shot out of love. Which Thai restaurant did you end up going and which wine/s did you have?


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