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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recipe of the Week| Dinner On the Go!

Dinner On the Go- Pizza and Salad Please!

Yes, I know. It's not perfect. But it's all I have the energy/time to muster up to prepare some days. Whenever I have "one of those" weeks, this will be a typical meal I resort to (besides chipotle, ha). I'm always determined to get my greens in- in any shape or form- whether it's in a morning smoothie or a salad. Spinach is always a safe and easy go-to for me. And then there's the pizza... sigh. I love pizza. My usual ingredient choices are Trader Joes' whole wheat dough, their part-skim mozzarella cheese, and their prosciutto. I use prosciutto over sausage or other cured meats because it adds a nice smokey, savory flavor to my pizza without the extra fillers/additives and Trader Joes offers nitrate-free options. The prosciutto I used contained only 2 ingredients: Ham and Salt. When it comes to deli/cured meats, I am very particular about the fillers and preservatives that are added in. This store brand of prosciutto gets an A+ from me.

So there it is.
xoxo Mary

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