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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fashion- Wedding Outfit Drawing Board

Wedding Outfit of the Day
I have a wedding coming up in San Diego at the end December that I am VERY excited to attend and these are some of my ideas I've put together so far for my outfit that I currently have in my closet. I'll be working on a video to show what they actually look like on me in a few weeks **God-willing I can get the editing part squared away!** :
1. Lace Shutter Dress: LongTallSally.com (excellent clothes for us tall girls)
2. Clutch: Asos.com
3. RubyWoo Lipstick: MACCosmetics.com
4. Fioni Black Pumps (size 11): Payless.com (and very comfortable and affordable might I add! - especially for us girls with big feet)


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