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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nutrition and Health| Meal Prep... Tuesday?

When it comes to meal prep, I have my great weeks, and I have my crazy no-meals-will-be-cooked-today-tomorrow-or-for-the-next-few-days-so-I'm-just-gonna-eat-Chipotle weeks. When I'm on though, I'm ON. While Sunday is the most productive day for me to get my meals planned, cooked, and snap-shotted in beautiful natural daylight, I wasn't able to prep my meals until Tuesday. Which is actually a pretty random day for me to get motivation and decide to cook. So in the madness of sharing the kitchen with my sis who was also on the meal prep grind, I had to snap a pic and share. And this pic only covers half of the kitchen. On the other side chicken was being heated in a nuwave oven, and more veggies were being chopped and stored. We were so focused. Not a lot of talking, but a lot of bumping in to each other as our kitchen isn't super huge. At the end of it all, we felt so accomplished. Delicious lunches and dinners for the week ready to go. Tupperware at hand. All they needed was a nice reheating.

I've been learning that I'm not a huge fan of leftovers anymore. Which is a meal-prepper's nightmare because all the bulk food that's prepared and looks delectable one day is despicable the next day and ends up going to waste. But I'm a much healthier eater when I give myself a couple options to choose from for the week that are easy to assemble and heat up (i.e. salads, yummy sandwiches). I may pre-chop some veggies and fruit, pre-cook some chicken, boil some eggs as snacks to take to work. Even that saves a lot of repetitive tasks and time. So it's never perfect. And yes, some food- just a little- gets tossed out, but my weeks feel just a little more under control when I know what I'll be eating. And not to mention the great favor it does for my $$ in the bank :)

xoxo Mary


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