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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recipe of the Week- Turkey Chili and Cornbread

 Homemade Whole Wheat Cornbread and Turkey Chili


Nutrition and Health- Asparagus

Asparagus~ Are you one of the 25%? (And a great simple recipe for enjoying your veggies)


Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty in the Roughage 

I've been experimenting with my old Fujifilm Finepix J20 point and shoot camera trying to decide if I want to upgrade to a DSLR. Patiently watching the sales for a few weeks now and deciding if Black Friday was a reasonable time to make the purchase. Well, drum roll... I did! This is something I've been wanting to do for years. I've been trying to find my "thing" especially these past few months being out of school and learning about myself and new hobbies outside of being a student and in a relationship. A friend at church encouraged me to just go for what I want and consider all opportunities a green light until I get a red. So, I'm excited to get familiar with my new Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR camera- it should arrive in a few days. I look forward to this being a new season of capturing the beauty around me, taking my new toy with me on my travels, and I'm hoping the quality of the pics and my recipes on my blog will be up to the par that I've been desiring. Hope you enjoy the change to come as well.

xoxo Mary

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fashion- Wedding Outfit Drawing Board

Wedding Outfit of the Day
I have a wedding coming up in San Diego at the end December that I am VERY excited to attend and these are some of my ideas I've put together so far for my outfit that I currently have in my closet. I'll be working on a video to show what they actually look like on me in a few weeks **God-willing I can get the editing part squared away!** :
1. Lace Shutter Dress: LongTallSally.com (excellent clothes for us tall girls)
2. Clutch: Asos.com
3. RubyWoo Lipstick: MACCosmetics.com
4. Fioni Black Pumps (size 11): Payless.com (and very comfortable and affordable might I add! - especially for us girls with big feet)


Monday, November 25, 2013

Spiritual Healing- Friendsgiving

A Friendsgiving Feast- UzbekStyle

I enjoyed some great company this evening. Tonight we really embraced the meaning behind community; accepting that "being busy" is no longer a good enough excuse. I am so grateful for not only my biological family, but also for my spiritual family. It is so important to have both- and there is so much healing that can take place in the presence of a community that embraces one another as family. My dear friend, Margarita, did such a wonderful job putting this feast together. I had the privilege of tasting so many new foods tonight. I learned that almost everything is pickled during the winter season in the Uzbek culture. My contribution was the flan cake. The presentation did not turn out quite as I was hoping, but it tasted delicious!

I do have to admit that it was tough at times for me to be in a room full of gorgeous married people with their children being one of the two single women in the house and longing for the same myself. It does sting. I'm not going to deny that. But it was also so nice to be surrounded by such lovely people and getting a glimpse of the beauty of family and knowing what I have to look forward to one day. God is always good.

xoxo Mary


Friday, November 22, 2013

Spiritual Healing- Solo Date Night

Solo Date Night


I must say that I never thought I would be one of those people to do the whole "I'm gonna go to the movies by myself" kind of thing. Well as they say, there is a first for everything. And to be completely honest, I really enjoyed myself. I said I would be transparent on this blog so here it is: As I've been going through a break-up that is still pretty fresh (about 2 months now), I read a great article that encouraged me to re-learn to love my life- as is. And one thing I know I do love is a good movie. After a pretty busy week at work and a good pick of movies out in theatres for the season, I decided that tonight would be a great night to treat myself to a nice feel good movie featuring some beautiful chocolate people; did you guess it?  The Best Man Holiday!
What a great movie. And damn!  I didn't know that I would need to bring a box of tissues with me. Here I was,  just looking to feel all nice and cozy watching the beautiful people on screen and instead I end up bawling my eyes out half the time. Nonetheless, it was great and I encourage all you ladies (and men) to treat yourself to a night alone. And not be afraid to just BE. And be alone. I feel so refreshed with a sense of peace and self-assurance. Nobody stared me down at the ticket counter when I asked for "1 ticket to the 7:20 showing, please" and no one stared me down as I walked into Theatre 6, and sat in my seat, alone. I also tried to not be that person that nervously searched through their phone to kill the time. I sat, let my mind rest, and waited for the previews to begin.

Okay, wait. There was one lady 2 seats down from me who did give me a few double-look stares. Not sure if she was curious as to why I sat so close to her considering the theatre wasn't that full or if it was because she truly was perplexed that I was there alone. But anyway, I thought it was so cute to see her and some other older black ladies curled up in their seats at the theatres,alone, doing the same as I.

And on the way back home I turned on some Anthony Evans Pandora and soaked a little bit more. Not sure what soaking is? Just check him out, let your head lay back, relax and let God touch your heart.

What I've been listening to lately:


Recipe of the Week- Cauliflower Crust Pizza!

 Cauliflower Crust  BBQ Chicken Pizza


Testing out ipad photos. Just a beautiful day on the SoCal coastline- Los Angeles, my second home.

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